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INCEPTION. The mind-bending run-away hit of the summer season that has already grossed over $100 million domestically is without a doubt one of the coolest films of the last few years. Such an awesome film, though, must have an awesome soundtrack to go with it and Inception is no exception. The insanely dark, riveting and instantaneously recognizable score by film composer wunderkind Hans Zimmer (Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, Gladiator) is now as well-known and as distinctive as the film itself. But what, exactly, inspired Hans Zimmer to create the bellowing theme that has become Inception‘s audible calling card?

Well, it turns out fellow blogger and Youtuber Cameron (camiam321) cracked Zimmer’s orchestral code while listening to the Inception soundtrack… what he found is so poetically perfect, simple and subconscious that it is truly mind blowing that A) Hans Zimmer thought of it (though he is considered by many to be a genius composer) and B) Cameron was studious enough to find it.

In truth, the secret is simple and is hiding both in the film and on the soundtrack the whole time. Ready to know what it is? Well, I won’t steal Cameron’s glory…I’ll let him tell you himself…

Let’s just say Edith Piaf gives you a ‘KICK’ in more ways than one…

Also, please visit Cameron’s blog! He is quite the artist: Cameron’s Sketchbook and What Not


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