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TARANTELLA continues with the conclusion of Chapter II: Headlines!

Join Jules today as he begins to unravel the truth of the disappearances and illness that is plaguing London…

TARANTELLA: Chapter II: Headlines Continued


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Chapter II: Headlines

Tarantella continues…Chapter II: Headlines, part I is now live and ready for you to dive in…

Join Jules today as the story of Tarantella barrels forward….

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Copyright Andrew Vest 2010

Hello Rogue Imagineer readers!

After not being able to get my book represented for the last 2 years, I have decided to do something new and kind of strange…

Today I debuted the beginning of the TARANTELLA epic on its very own website. Every Sunday and Wednesday, a new piece of the story will be revealed as you delve deeper and deeper into the life of Tarantella and the war she seeks to end…


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