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BioShock is the property of 2K Marin

I’ve just posted the first two of MANY images (hopefully significantly improving as I advance) of my concept for BioShock: Return to Rapture, a ride proposal for Islands of Adventure at Universal Orlando. Overall, the concept is that this will be the start of a new undetermined land that could possible replace Marvel Superhero Island (seeing as Universal no longer owns the rights to the Marvel Franchise once their contract expires). These aren’t great, but I hope you guys enjoy them! More importantly, pay attention to the description before the photos as to what will be occurring during this part of the Queue! That, for me, is the truly cool part (and not something I can really render effectively on paper…I’m just not that good yet with idea translation. I do believe, though, that my concepts are groundbreaking…hey, you got to know your strengths and weaknesses, right?)

I hope you enjoy and leave me some comments telling me what your thoughts are!

Go to the Imagineering page to check it out: BioShock: Return to Rapture

UPDATE : I have posted the successful Fontaine Futuristics queue house rendering. Let me know what you think!

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